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The Homemade Table

The Homemade Table is a cookbook for those who love to cook and eat well.

A book of two parts, the first section has seasonal recipes focusing on fresh produce. Chapters include: Breakfasts, Vegetable & Soups, Dinner, and Baking & Desserts. These are Nicola’s favourite recipes she makes for her family and friends throughout the year. 

In the second part of the book Nicola shares her extensive knowledge and recipes for making homemade staples such as sourdough bread, preserves, ferments and dairy products. In these chapters she shares her ‘master’ recipes for sourdough bread, multi-purpose dough, pickles and sauerkraut, with multiple variations for each. These staples form the backbone of Nicola’s kitchen. 

Drawing on her 20 years experience teaching cooking, she aims to simplify these more complex techniques for the home kitchen. ‘The Homemade Table is more than just a book about preparing homemade meals,’ says Nicola. ‘Although that is a big part of it, it also encompasses a way of living and thinking about food. I believe that cooking can be more than simply creating food for sustenance (although there are times when this is warranted); it can also be for the enjoyment and creativity it brings. Maybe I am a romantic, but I truly believe that if we put aside time to cook for the joy and satisfaction it brings rather than simply seeing it as a necessity, it can feed not only the body but also the mind and soul.’

The Homemade Table is a complete guide to home cooking, one that you can return to again and again for planning meals, or to master a new cooking technique. Nicola’s detailed signature recipes include many variations and, where possible, include substitutions for gluten and dairy-free options. Along with troubleshooting for sourdough bread, preserves and ferments from the most frequent questions asked at her cooking workshops. The book concludes with a detailed chapter on stocking the pantry and staple recipes such as cooking legumes and homemade gluten-free flour mix. The Homemade Table is an all-in-one cookbook. 

Nicola Galloway is an award-winning food writer, photographer and cooking educator. Since training as a chef and studying nutrition, Nicola has spent the last two decades sharing her knowledge and passion of cooking and eating well. She is also an avid sourdough baker, fermenter and preserver who regularly teaches cooking workshops on these subjects around New Zealand. 

Nicola is the author of five cookbooks, including the highly acclaimed Homegrown Kitchen. Homegrown Kitchen was winner of the regional Easy Home Recipes section at the 2018 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards and Highly Commended at the 2019 New Zealand Food Media Awards, where Nicola’s Homegrown Kitchen website won Best New Zealand Food Website. She is also the author of Feeding Little Tummies, Cooking For Your Child and Alive!


The Homemade Table



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