Soothe Clay Masque

Soothe Clay Masque

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The Soothe ivory-coloured blend is our most mild blend, great for super-sensitive skins. It has a soft silky texture that will gently draw out impurities, exfoliate & cleanse while softly helping to stimulate and improve tone & circulation. The addition of Coconut Powder with a high Vitamin C content makes this a very hydrating & nourishing masque.

Make it an exfoliating masque by adding your favourite buffing powder.

Dry clay blends eliminate the need for preservatives, it also gives a longer shelf life, & gives you double the product without the fillers.

All our masques are finely milled for a smoother paste.

What’s in it?

French White Clay and botanical extracts of; Coconut Powder, Corn starch, Allantoin