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Silk Curler Kit Light pink


Turn you locks into luscious curls with our mulberry silk hair curling kit. 

Time is valuable and sometimes you just do not have the hours it takes to curl your hair with heating tools every morning just pop in your curling ribbon at night then shake out in the morning and off you go, effortless and easy. 

We all know how damaging heat is to continually use on your hair, being heatless and silky soft they help soothe frazzled strands  because there is virtually no friction and the hair is not loose, rubbing against itself or cotton.

When we cocoon our hair in silk each night, the amino acids from the silk proteins help to replenish the depleted keratin on our hair shafts, in turn helping the hair to become smooth again. When hair is smooth, as opposed to rough from damaged and depleted keratin, it reflects light better and becomes shiny and healthy looking again.

Over time, and with sustained use, the silk proteins also help to replenish the structural keratin within the hair shaft, thus making the hair strands stronger and more elastic again. People often report *much* less breakage over time, and it is because the silk makes their hair less resistant to damage.

When your hair is wrapped around the curling ribbon it is removed from all sources of friction; with itself, with your body and with your pillowcase. So whilst you toss and turn at night (which we all do) your hair will remain intact, smooth and tangle-free.

This reduction of friction whilst you sleep will mean that your hair is also smoother and shinier.

Wrapping your hair around the hair ribbon will also help the hair oil do the job it is supposed to do - nourish and hydrate your hair. Superior to any conditioner because it is perfectly developed for the task, your hair oil will hydrate and strengthen your hair over time.


On damp hair, either 80% dried or sprayed, part your hair down the middle into two sections then clip the curling ribbon to the top of your hair.
Take a small section of your hair at the top of your head close to your parting and wrap
it around the ribbon away from your face.

Work your way down the ribbon adding more hair into each time wrapping until all
the hair is wrapped around. The tighter the wrap the tighter the curl. Secure the end with your scrunchie and repeat on the other side. Remove the clip. Results can be achieved within hours.

For best results leave for 6-8 hours overnight. When ready undo your scrunchies from
the ribbon lift it up while shaking out your hair to reveal your silky bouncy curls. You
can achieve many looks using your silk curler all while using no heat giving you luscious
healthy hair.

Your hair curling kit includes 1 x silk hair curling ribbon, 1 x hair clip, 2 x silk scrunchies, instruction card enclosed in a gorgeous gift box. 

Silk Curler Kit Light pink



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