Mum & Me - Serene Bracelet Set (Howlite)

Mum & Me - Serene Bracelet Set (Howlite)

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A beautiful Adult and Childs bracelet set- so you can each wear one.

Works beautifully for children to know that they always have a link with their loved one.

Handcrafted bracelets made from Howlite, designed to support your child with stillness and calmness, and to be worn as a reminder that they are loved.

Comes in hand-stamped cotton pouch with a beautiful card for you to read with your child - and then can be kept as a bookmark or pinned to your wall.


Child's: Sliding knot design allows the bracelet to be tightened to the required size.  Child size opens to 16cm.

Adults: Measures 17.5cm string on quality elastic 

Please ensure children are supervised when wearing items, and that they are removed at night and when showering and washing hands.