Khaki Cotton Harlem Pants

Khaki Cotton Harlem Pants

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Size 0-3months

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Nothing says comfort like harems! These sweet little numbers are bound to match with any outfit, with a cute faux drawstring. 

Size Guide: (W = Waist, H = Height)

0-3m: 45W, 62H
3-6m: 47W, 68H
6-9m: 48W, 74H
9-12m: 50W, 78H
12-18m: 52W, 84H
18-24m: 53W, 90H
2-3y: 55W, 96H
3-4y: 56W, 104H
4-5y: 57W, 110H
5-6y: 59W, 118H