Kawakawa balm

Kawakawa balm

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Kawakawa is a native New Zealand plant that's well known for its all round healing properties. 
It's anti-microbial, soothes irritation, reduces inflammation & improves circulation. 

Can be used for: 
* Dry irritated skin 
* Eczema / Psoriasis 
* Cradle Cap 
* Insect bites 
* Cuts/scratches 
* Nappy rash & other skin rashes 
... and many more! 

Safe for babies aged 3 months +. 

Sometimes we also have Tea Tree Oil Free Kawakawa - this is safe for all babies from newborn, or great for those with Tea Tree Oil allergy.

Ingredients: Wild harvested Kawakawa infused oil, Organic Unrefined NZ beeswax, Melaleuca (Tea tree) Oil.