Courage Bear - Pink

Courage Bear - Pink

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We designed courage bear to be a friend to be there when your little one feels anxious or alone.

It is the perfect size to fit in one's pocket at school or kindy, you can also roll our rollers on the bear, another way to help calm and comfort.

Every courage bear comes in a wee bag with a poem explaining a little how courage bear works. 

Courage Bear is my name,

And I want to help YOU be the same

Courage is inside of you

For you are STRONG, CAPABLE too.

When things go wrong and you feel sad

Think back on things that make you GLAD.

When you are unsure what to do

Don’t ever quit, PUSH on through.

You need to know that you are LOVED

From those around you and above.

We love to hear stories of how courage bear has helped your family so get in touch or tag us on facebook or instagram.