Assorted Vinegars 250ml
Assorted Vinegars 250ml
Assorted Vinegars 250ml
Assorted Vinegars 250ml
Assorted Vinegars 250ml
Assorted Vinegars 250ml
Assorted Vinegars 250ml

Assorted Vinegars 250ml

Artisan Vinegar
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All vinegars in our range are hand crafted and traditional methods are followed. The vinegars undergo two fermentation processes, it is the second fermentation which creates the outstanding end product. Before bottling all our vinegars are aged for twelve months, this ageing process ensures a smooth rich tasting vinegar. All vinegars in our range have a minimum acidity of 4.5%.


All our vinegars are a natural product, no preservatives, artificial colours or flavours or other additives are added. The vinegars go through a simple filtration process.

The twelve month aging process our vinegars undergo also clarifies the vinegar through a gravity sediment method. The bottles are manually filled and the finishing touches are hand applied. Sediments in the bottles can occur.

Those sediments are natural (mother of vinegar) and do not affect the quality of the vinegar. According to the American institute of vinegar, vinegar has an almost indefinite shelf life. Store vinegar in a dark cool place like the pantry. Opened bottles do not need to be refrigerated. We recommend to use the vinegar within 15 months of opening.

The Kawakawa Vinegar has a slightly spicy taste and the typical Kawakawa flavour comes through nicely, the manuka honey rounds the vinegar and leaves a lingering aftertaste.

Kawakawa vinegar

Very versatile. It is wonderful in dressings and vinaigrettes for light leaf lettuces. Kawakawa Vinegar is tasty with tomatoes and raw vegetable salads. A raw fish salad with Kawakawa Vinegar is a unique twist on the traditional use of lemon. You can also use it to enhance sauces for dark meats. A few drops into a cream soup achieves a tasty result. This vinegar is a delicious addition in marinades for white meats and fish as well as for mussels and clams.


Tamarillo Vinegar

Avery fruity, slightly spicy taste. The tamarillo characteristics, especially the rich deep red colour are well preserved in this fantastic vinegar.

The tamarillo Vinegar has many uses. It is very nice in vinaigrettes for dark leafy or meat salads. Incredible as seasoning in game dishes and dark sauces. A few drops into a fruit salad achieves an outstanding result. Used in marinades for red meat for the bbq gives a tasty twist, in chutneys gives a good tasting fruity addition. Drizzled over goats cheese or in a marinade for fresh mozzarella adds that special touch, reduced to a syrup drizzled over ice cream makes an interesting dessert.

Feijoa vinegar 

A very fruity and refreshing taste, the feijoa characteristics are well preserved in this fantastic vinegar.

Feijoa vinegar has many uses. Lifts vinaigrettes for leaf salads and pasta salads. Replaceing the traditional lemon in fish dishes gives an interesting twist . Use Asian cooking or to enhance yoghurt dressings. Used in a reduction for a hollandaise sauce gives a nice twist. A few drops into a fruit salad achieves an outstanding result. On hot summer days try diluting the vinegar with water or mineral water as a refreshing, healthy and thirst quenching alternative.

Pinot Noir vinegar

This outstanding vinegar is hand crafted from Central Otago  Pinot Noir. The ruby red colour is well preserved and this vinegar has all the flavour characteristics of the incredible wine it is made out of. Typical flavour characteristic for the Central Otago region are the sweet fruit, cherry and black fruit characteristics with hint of spices and a soft round finish.

This fantastic vinegar lends itself for many uses. It is absolutely amazing in vinaigrettes and outstanding in reductions. A few drops to finish soups gives a spectacular result. Fantastic in marinades for meats and vegetables. A little in the braising liquid for all dark meats, especially game and game birds makes the dish extra special. Finishing a stew with some pinot noir vinegar adds that little extra. Used in pasta sauces elevates the dish. Pinot Noir Vinegar paired with cheese its just devine.

Raspberry Vinegar

Made of 100% fresh raspberries, the intense fruitiness is accompanied by a very rich red colour.

The strong fruit flavour in this exclusive raspberry vinegar lends itself for simple dressings for leaf salads or in marinades for white meat and fish. To try something different put a dash of raspberry vinegar in sparkling wine which makes a unique aperitif. Splash a little raspberry vinegar into your fruit salad or pour a little over your favourite ice cream. The strong fruity flavour goes well with nutty flavours so a good oil to use would be walnut oil.

Tomato vinegar

Like all vinegars in our range the Tomato vinegar is a hand grafted, double fermented vinegar. Only the best New Zealand grown tomatoes are used for the juice which undergoes the first fermentation into a unique wine. The second fermentation nurtures the wine into an outstanding vinegar and is carefully controlled on our premises. Before bottling, the vinegar is aged for 12 months which transforms it into a smooth and very tasty vinegar. The flavour characteristics of the tomatoes are well preserved in this vinegar. The aroma reminds of sun dried tomatoes.

The full fruity tomato taste makes it an appealing alternative when making marinades for beef or poultry. It gives a little sparkle to tomato sauce and is a very nice addition in pizza sauce. Perfect for salad dressings, especially tomato salad, perfect to drizzle over a tomato-basil-mozzarella Caprese salad. A must ingredient when making your own ketchup or BBQ sauce, or to give a zip to a bloody Mary. Perfectly paired with grape seed oil or pumpkin seed oil.