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Sea breeze

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This stunning shell vase arrangement is made up of our sola carved flowers (can you believe these are made from wood but soft to touch!)  preserved, dried and faux florals.

These vessels are perfect for your home or office and sit proudly in any space. 

Vase: Ceramic. Dimensions: H14cm x W15.5cm x L22cm. 
Total Arrangement (approximately): H45cm. 


Flower Care: 

Whilst dried flowers can last for years if cared for properly, typically their colours will fade over time, however we believe this adds to their charm. We carefully select flowers and foliage that are known for their longevity. 

We recommend keeping your flower arrangements out of direct sunlight, this will help to preserve their colour and keep them from going brittle. We would also suggest keeping them out of direct wind and away from humid areas as this can cause flowers to brown and even create mould. 

As flowers are a natural product, some shedding is to be expected. A light spray of hairspray occasionally will help to prevent this. If your arrangement gets dusty, try using a hair dryer set on a cool, low setting.