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Homespun & Little Extras
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A lovely handmade product- perfect for baby shower gifts. Suitable for all ages


Care Instructions:

Before your child starts to use the teether we recommend coating it with either beeswax polish, olive oil, coconut oil and mineral oil. There are many allergies out there which is why these products are sold 100% natural and free of any coatings. You only need a washcloth or a rag for easy application.

How to clean: use a gentle cleanser, anything from a simple vinegar and water solution (1 part vinegar to 10 parts water), a milk, environmentally dish soap and some warm water, or your favorite non toxic multi purpose spray cleaner, diluted with water will all work well. Wood is very porous so NEVER soak your teether- the shape of the toy can warp with too much moisture and if the toy doesnt dry out completley, more germs and bacteria will want to hang out so use a wet washcloth to clean and this will avoid the wood from getting drenched.

*All items contain small parts and although they are made very well with saftey first  in mind, we recommend your child must be supervised while using this product. Please check your product regularly for signs of splits or defects. Keep this item out of direct sunlight.