My IVF Journey

My IVF Journey

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The most beautiful journal for anyone going through IVF as a place to write down and express all the roller-coaster of emotions that come along with this journey! 

There are 60 pages in these journals and pages included are:

How our infertility journey began

Thoughts on wanting a baby

Alternatives I tried 

Research I did

Infertility testing 

Doctors and specialists we saw

Clomiphene, letrozole and IUI

Donor Egg

Donor Sperm 

Donor Embryo 


IVF drugs 


Internal Scans

Trigger Injection 


Embryo growth in the petri dish

Fresh and frozen embryos 

Embryo replacement 

My IVF partner 

My support system

The 10 day wait 

Results day

Pregnant / not pregnant 

Our next steps in this journey 

What I have learned about myself 

8 x note pages