Luxury Silk Pillow Case Dirty Pink

Luxury Silk Pillow Case Dirty Pink

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Indulge in a 100% mulberry silk pillowcase.

Sleeping on silk is a beauty secret that has been used for years being super silky
it means your hair glides over it preventing frizz and tangles. As well as being
hypoallergenic, silk does not draw moisture away from the skin and hair but
encourages a proper moisture balance, while it’s soft texture proves to be
beneficial for those who have skin conditions.

Because of the silky texture of silk it also means your skin is not creating friction
like it would on a traditional cotton pillowcase helping reduce fine lines and
wrinkles. So many benefits or just a luxury gift for yourself or a friend.

Comes in a gorgeous box ready to gift.

This pillowcase is 75 cm x 50 cm