Herbal relief skin serum 100ml

Herbal relief skin serum 100ml

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Herbal Relief for all the family (2+ years, including dogs!)

Supporting skin regeneration + calming aromatherapy

A soothing and fast-acting serum to help skin heal, great to have on hand for small - medium skin issues and accidents. It's wonderful to have one 'fix all' product in your bathroom, rather than loads of bottles lining your shelves that do one thing only.


Herbal Relief is an anti-inflammatory, antbacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial and antiviral - soothing dry and itchy skin, helping to stem bleeding and accelerate tissue regrowth, promoting circulation and calming inflammation. Zesty Lemongrass essential oil lifts the spirit and smells amazing and fresh, while the Lavender essential oil helps calm nerves. 


Dogs: Great for wounds and scratches, hot spots, dry and flacky ears any skin inflammation 


  • insect bites
  • cuts and scrapes
  • razor burn and irritation
  • sun burn and oven burns
  • closed and open wounds
  • acne and bacterial imbalance


Made in New Zealand / 100ml / 3.38 OZ


100ml / 3.38 OZ

Botanical aqua Infusion with *calendula petals, *marshmallow root, *yarrow, *plantain. NZ manuka and lavender hydrosols (herbicide/ insecticide free), Geogard 221- Ecocert approved, *aloe vera, xanthan gum, essential oils - *NZ manuka/ kanuka and NZ lavender, lemongrass. *Certified Organic Ingredients