Daily Wellness Planner (A5)

Daily Wellness Planner (A5)

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Introducing the Daily Wellness Planner (A5) in collaboration with Adhirai Prema Maninilavan.


Designed for the days where your daily to-do list feels a little too overwhelming, the Daily Wellness planner is purposefully designed to help guide you from ‘surviving’ to ‘thriving’.


Based upon the ‘5, 4, 3, 2, 1’ method commonly used in therapy, this pad features the following sections:


• 5 Things I Will Achieve Today: to help you prioritise your top 5 tasks of the day

• 4 Things to Remember: identify top 4 reminders eg. things to look forward to, or positive affirmations

• 3 Things to Celebrate: record 3 things you’re grateful for 

• 2 Things That Will Make Today Amazing: 2 things that will automatically make today a success 

• 1 Reminder For When Things Get Tough: because we all need a reminder sometimes



• A5 size

• 50 leaves of 120gsm paper

• Shipped in compostable & sustainably sourced packaging