Compostic Sandwhich bags

Compostic Sandwhich bags

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Certified 100% home compostable, these reusable bags will break down quicker than an orange peel!

Compostic is on a mission to rid the world of plastic waste, starting in the kitchen. Third-party tested and certified home compostable, these reusable bags will keep your food fresh, and your conscience guilt-free.

In two sizes, these bags are freezer safe, microwave safe, and worm bin friendly.

The sandwich bags come in a pack of 15 are 18cm x 17cm. 

Home compostable products are the gold standard because you can break them down yourself at home! When you compost, you can take both your organic waste and compostable packaging, and transform it into a valuable, nutrient rich food for your garden. compost is easy to make and use, and it even reduces your impact on the environment.

If you don’t have a compost at home, don’t sweat it - check out apps like, get the friendly team at WeCompost to collect it for you, or see if you can donate it to your local community garden.