A4 print- You are not alone

A4 print- You are not alone

Flowers on the coffee table
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Flowers on the Coffee Table' began as a passion project. It was a physical space to share my creations and has since grown so much more than I could have anticipated.

You are not alone print made in Christchurch, NZ

About the Maker:

My name is Maya, the heart and soul behind 'Flowers on The Coffee Table'. I am a freelance illustrator, artist and online store owner!  I create and sell products reflecting my personal style and artistic voice. I'm very inspired by simplicity and colour.

'Flowers on the Coffee Table' is a whole philosophy to me. The name was inspired by the feeling of simple pleasure of having flowers in the house, a morning coffee or kind stranger. It's all about noticing the small things in life, this is the feeling I aim to give my customers with my products and services. Sustainability is something I am also extremely passionate about, 'Flowers on The Coffee Table' allows me to create ethically made products for consumers as an alternative to other brands that mass produce in a way that harms Mother Earth. 

'Flowers on The Coffee Table' is a slow way of life, it is a philosophy to live by and a feeling you can't quite explain.