2sexy2burn Male

2sexy2burn Male

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Birds of paradise: a calming, tropical blend of sweet strawberries, pomegranate, sweet vanilla and coconut milk with undertones of rose petals and jasmine.

Cranberry: sweet and sugary with a tart finish. 

French pear: sophisticated rich and creamy. She is a juicy tree ripened pear, slow baked with grated cinnamon quills, brown sugar and vanilla pods.

Berries and white chocolate: Opening notes of sweet tangy, sun ripened berries. Mid notes drizzled milky white chocolate finished with subtle vanilla bean. 

Asian amber: Extensively used in perfumery to add warmth and sophistication, rich amber fragrance oil creates a memorable complex, and a luxurious, sensual fragrance.

Red currant sorbet: Juicy sweet, sun-ripped red currants, blended with tart black raspberrrries finished with a creamy rich vanilla bean.

Black raspberry: Sun ripened, fragrant juicy black raspberries, sweet summer splendor with a little sour finish. 

He is 9.5cm tall and has a burning time of 50 minutes.


He is a perfect match with our 2sexy2burn female candle.

They are both mostly used for decor but if you do decide to burn them, they will need to be placed on a heat proof dish or deep trinket dish to avoid the wax spilling onto furniture. All candles are made from Soy blend wax (contains soy beans and paraffin). 

Please be aware that all candles are unique, because they are hand poured from home we can not predict how the wax will set e.g some may have white crystallised marks on them. Avoid placing your candle in direct sunlight as it could cause discolouring.